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For over 32 years, founder of Dimension Latina William Santiago has filled Rochester’s airwaves with Spanish Programming. Hosting the longest running Spanish radio show in Rochester New York. 

Of Puerto Rican descent, he moved to Rochester at the age of 13 with his parents and two brothers. At a young age, he was always interested in music and was often fascinated by talk show broadcasters. He will always remember his father telling him “You really do talk a lot for a little boy, when you grow up you’re going to be a lawyer they too always have a lot to say”  

Upon graduating from Benjamin Franklin High School at the age of 17 years old he joined the United States Navy. After leaving the Navy he decided that tool & die was something that interested him. So he enrolled in a six-month machining course. It wasn’t until the age of 28 as he sold real estate and worked as a supervisor for a local machine shop. 

That William would discover while doing a radio show segment on real estate. That he would soon spend a good part of his life behind a microphone. Currently, William continues to work on radio as general manager of 97.5 FM. The first and only full time commercial Spanish radio station in the history of Rochester, NY, tune in seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

The History of Our Station


WRSB 97.5 and 1590 AM is Rochester’s first and only commercial Spanish radio station completely dedicated to Rochester’s sizable and growing Latino community. “Mi 97.5” (English: My 97.5) is programmed by veteran local broadcaster William Santiago to meet the demands of the Rochester, NY Puerto Rican-dominant Latino Community.

Our programming focuses on musical entertainment to attract a broad audience. We cater to the younger listener as well as the older listener with music, news, weather, and community-focused features.

Our format falls into the Tropical Spanish category nationally. We feature artists like Jenifer Lopez, Marc Antony, and Ricky Martin along with classic Salsa music.

Monroe County has a vibrant, and unique Hispanic community. In 1970, the community numbered 5,792 and as of the 2010 census, the community is now 54,005 – a 38% increase from 2000. With that continued growth rate, Rochester’s Hispanic community could be close to 75,000 by the year 2020. Rochester’s Hispanic community is unique in that most members are of Puerto Rican descent (72%). And, compared to other demographics, the Hispanic community is much younger. 

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Dimension Latina

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